City Edge Developments Projects

City Edge Developments Projects

City Edge Developments Projects, where luxury meets practicality. 

City Edge Developments is Egypt’s National leading real estate developer and development manager. The company was established between New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA) and Housing and Development Bank (HDB).

Firstly, City Edge Developments develops and manages the development of high-end real estate projects. In addition to a diversified land bank for third–party accounts containing indirect real estate holdings under their management that span a range of investments across all asset classes including residential, hospitality, retail, office and education. 

City Edge Developments Egypt

City Edge Development
City Edge Developments

CED is a partnership between the New Urban Communities Authority (60%), the Housing and Development Bank (38%), and the Holding Company for Development & Investment (2%) and City Edge Developments brings premium-quality residential communities and mixed-use projects.

In addition to North Edge Towers, City Edge Developments expects to implement administrative activities at a commercial venture and a 600-acre gated compound in New Alamein. Meanwhile the company’s scope of work will also include 2 more commercial and residential projects in New Mansoura, a residential project and the Central Business District at the New Administrative Capital. Located in New Cairo they lie.


Secondly, Services will start with the financial standpoint extending from projects’ market and financial feasibility studies to sourcing seed funding to kick off the projects. On the technical side, we will handle the product review and construction project management.

Moreover, on the commercial side, we will create projects’ branding, positioning, marketing tools and the whole sales process with all its edges; pricing, payment terms, sales plan, retail leasing and hospitality. Finally, we will be responsible for all the after sales activities ranging from customer care & collection and handover and facility management.


Firstly, CED launched in 2018 with the objective of becoming the national brand for premium real estate developments in Egypt. CED looks to deliver, as well as maintain, a high standard of change and functionality. 

Secondly, At City Edge Developments, they foster an atmosphere of creativity, empathy, and innovation to ensure each individual works in synergy with our values CED brings forward quality products and services to the industry. 

So, The paid up capital of this partnership is basically 1.3 billion pounds, to develop multi-use projects of the highest quality and CED aims to be the national brand that’s associated with the best real estate projects. 

City Edge Developments Projects

City Edge Developments, North Coast

New Alamein Gate Towers 

Firstly, The Gate Towers are truly the gateway to the New Alamein. Standing as two guardians split by a road that leads straight to the shore, they welcome you to Alamein. The Gate Towers is two podiums that open the scene to the spectacle of the city. 

The grand towers consist of 44 floors with a range of studios and four-bedroom apartments and the two grand pinnacles stand on a 5-floor podium filled with amenities and services for the homeowners of the tower, spoiling them like the fanciest high-end hotel. 

Moreover, the Gate Towers is located in New Alamein, North Coast and is 89 km from Burj Al Arab Airport, 54 km from Al-Alamein International Airport, 120 minutes from Alexandria-Marsa Matrouh Road.

New Alamein Gate Towers

North Edge Towers in Alamein 

North Edge Towers is one of the largest projects established by City Edge in the new city of Alamein North Coast, which is a tourist residential towers located near the international and recreational commercial centers, and the company has created these towers with the aim of changing the shape and style of life in the coast North, so that it becomes a residential city with all the services and not just a city where tourists come only in summertime. It is 5 residential towers, each consisting of 40 floors, each tower contains 230 residential units, and the towers have a distinctive view of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and are designed to mimic Dubai towers and will be held with various celebrations at events.

Located in New Alamein in Matrouh Governorate on Alex-Matrouh Road directly on the sea surrounded by green spaces, recreational areas and crystal lagoons of the Towers of North Edge, as well as a huge commercial and entertainment complex containing 40 thousand buildings, Cinema and amusement parks, restaurants and cafes, and bank headquarters, as well as the towers found near the famous Lake El Alamein dedicated to cruises and yachts and boats.

New Alamein City is on an area of 50,000 acres and a depth of 60 kilometers and more south of the coastal beach, the city will accommodate more than 3 million people, the first phase will reach 8,000 acres and will accommodate 400,000 people. 

North Edge Towers

City Edge Developments, New Administrative Capital

Al Maqsad Compound in the Administrative Capital

Al Maqsad New Capital is the first project to offer you a variety of luxury villas with easy installment services.

The project is found in close proximity to the Financial and Business District, the European University, the Canadian University and the Olympic Village. The Compound has unit types of Standalone Villas, Twinhouses and Townhouses. 

It is in the prominent location in the new administrative capital and is located within the 3rd residential district of the Administrative Capital and specifically in plot D4 & D5. Al Maqsad Location is close to many facilities like: 

  • Central Business District.
  • It is also close to Smart Village, the European University, the Presidential Palace and the Administrative Capital Airport.
  • As for the main roads, it is located near Mohammed bin Zayed Southern Axis and the Central Ring Road, as well as near the regional ring road connecting Suez Road and Ain Sokhna Road.
AL Maqsad
Al Maqsad

Baroque New Administrative Capital 

Baroque New Capital aims to revive the Khedival Downtown Cairo with its unique architecture, gardens, roundabouts, and streets. The compound sprawls over 1,000 acres, with 80% of the project’s total area dedicated to open spaces and only 20% for residential buildings. It is strategically located close to the Canadian University.

Baroque Administrative Capital

City Edge Developments, New Cairo

Etapa Compound in the Fifth Settlement 

A concept driven from the belief that Nature and Cities can co-exist, ETAPA is bringing a new residential theory with an authentic vision to the real estate scene in Sheikh Zayed City. A new living concept that responds to those submerged in the daily modern life and their innate craving to immerse themselves into the physical beauty and the inherent unity of the natural world.

ETAPA takes a leap of imagination to bring nature and city in one frame through innovative urban planning, unique architecture style, smart design choices, and the genuine community it aspires to.

ETAPA dares to ask how it would feel when your home becomes your daily getaway. An opportunity to live a life that is uncomplicated, detailed and easy.

4,750,000 EGP EGP
Apartment for sale at Etapa compound
4,000,000 EGP EGP
كمبوند ايتابا بجوار الربوه و الياسمين و اليجريا
6,000,000 EGP EGP
wn your villa in the best location in Sheikh Zayed

City Edge Developments, New Mansoura

Zahya Towers-New Mansoura

A progressive concept with unlimited living potential on the Delta with City Edge Developments latest prospect Zahya. Zahya is located in New Mansoura, a city covering a total area of 6220 feddans with an expected population of almost 700,000 people. The city is bordered by the Mediterranean sea with 15 km of sea coast.



In Conclusion, CED has revolutionized the development industry and made great strides towards revamping this real estate market and make sure to check out their latest.

Above all, we have covered various areas in this article, to know more about other vacation getaways you can check El Gouna, Colors Of Life giving you what you need to know about Gouna in full detail from its theme to its services to all of what Gouna has to offer.

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