Bleu Vert New Capital

Bleu Vert New Capital is a project that has a lot of details to it so let’s dive in from its origins Throughout the ages, Egypt and Saudi Arabia were always taking some forward steps hand in hand to achieve prosperity, luxury, and success, which is obviously clear through this project.Saudi Egyptian Construction Company (SECON)

A partnership between both the Egyptian and the Saudi governments had produced the SECON to be one of the biggest developers in the Egyptian Real Estate Market.

However, it is not the only project that belongs to the company; the SECON is investing and developing all around Egypt, from Upper Egypt, Egypt Delta, and more.

But we’ll talk about the Bleu Vert New Capital project in particular; hence it’s one of the company’s most significant investments.

So we are going to discuss through this article the following

  •     Bleu Vert New Capital Location
  •       Master plan of Bleu Vert New Capital
  •       New Capital Bleu Vert Prices


  Hence the New Capital is quite wide, as it’s compared to be larger than Paris, and so many world capitals, you’ll need a guide to avoid getting lost.

The Bleu Vert Compound lies right on the southern Mohamed Bin Zayed Road, only a few minutes away from the luxurious El Masah hotel and the Cathedral.

To be more accurate, the Bleu Vert New Capital location is signified to be in the area E8, leading directly to the heart of area R7.

What makes the Bleu Vert location so unique is being connected to Cairo, Suez, and Ein El Sokhna, as the compound is only a few minutes from Suez Road, Sokhna Road, Ring Road, and Middle Ring Road.

Bleu Vert New Capital Master plan

  After knowing where the Bleu Vert location is, it’s also very important to learn more about the project plan to get the full image.

The Bleu Vert Compound includes 60 residential buildings, providing 1840 housing units.

it covers almost 70 acres area, with a unique unit distribution.

The Compound unit selection varies between Luxurious villas, Duplexes, and Apartments, though Villas have the largest share from this selection, reaching almost 60 % of the unit selection.

Bleu Vert MasterPlan

Bleu Vert New Capital Prices

  Prices vary according to the unit’s location and size, so what’s the compound areas and square meter price variation?

Areas at the Compound start from 60 square meters and reach up to 300 square meters.

However, units are available as following:

Areas from 60 – 100 square meters are 1 bedroom units.

From 146 square meters are 2 bedrooms units.

While areas from 190 square meters are 3 bedrooms units.

The compound also provides some small units, studios, with an area of 48 square meters.

A meter square price varies from 13,900 EGP to 15,352 EGP. Making a 48 square meter studio cost almost 736,890 EGP, while a villa could cost 4,000,000 EGP in Bleu-Vert.

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