Beverly Hills Prices and Master Plan

One of Sheikh Zayed landmarks, let’s know about Beverly Hills Prices and Master Plan.

From a few years ago, and before anyone else, SODIC developments had created their own community through the Sheikh Zayed City.

Hence it was a new idea to the Egyptian Real Estate market; it was attracting the interest of a wide segment of potential customers.

Obviously, we are talking about Beverly Hills Sheikh Zayed Compound.

Everything started when SODIC Developments had announced the launch of this huge project back in the late ’90s.

Since then, it had been so inspiring to many other developers to go through the same way and create their own luxurious residential compound.

 Through this article, we are going to discuss the project’s aspects, such as Beverly Hills Prices and Master Plan, and more as following:

–        Beverly Hills Egypt Location

–        Sodic Beverly Hills Egypt Master Plan

–        Beverly Hills Sheikh Zayed Prices

1-    Beverly Hills Egypt Apartments for sale

2-    Beverly Hills Egypt Duplexes for sale

3-    Beverly Hills Egypt Villa for sale


Before going into details about the Beverly Hills Prices and Master Plan, and more aspects, we should know first where is this project? Where are you going to invest? Or, where are you going to live?

Beverly Hills SODIC Egypt was one of the first residential compounds at El Sheikh Zayed City, however, it was connected directly to the heart of the 6th of October city.

Beverly Hills SODIC Egypt is only 5 minutes away from Cairo Alexandria road Toll station.

Though, it’s still a few minutes away from Juhayna Square and Mall of Arabia.

After getting the full idea of where the Hills Compound, it’s time to go through more details.

Master Plan

  When you live in a residential compound, it’s very important to have a comfortable neighborhood that surrounds you, provides you privacy, facilities, and tranquility.

While looking over the Beverly Hills Master Plan, you’ll find units distributed through so many green areas and gardens.

In fact, Beverly Hills Egypt Compound covers a wide area that was estimated to reach 1.75 million square meters in 2001 when the company delivered the project’s first phase.

This area is a mixture of residential units, commercial units, and a lot of open greenery spaces.

Green Spaces in Beverly Hills

Which obviously guarantees privacy and accessibility to any facility or service you could ever need. 

Beverly Hills Sheikh Zayed Prices

  After knowing what the compound could possibly offer you, and when you make your decision to go for it, Hold Up! Let’s talk in numbers first.

It’s very important to know the real value of what you are going to spend your money on. That’s why we are going to spread the Beverly Hills unit selection, and show you a price average.

Beverly Hills Egypt Apartments for sale

Apartments in Beverly Hills

  Apartments at Beverly Hills are available in so many sizes, starting from 120 square meters, and could reach up to around 215 square meters.

However, prices vary according to the unit area and location. A moderate apartment could cost around 2,000,000 EGP.

As a square meter the cost varies from 13,200 EGP to almost 19,400 EGP.

Beverly Hills Egypt Duplexes for sale

Duplexes in Beverly Hills

  SODIC developments had provided duplexes through the Beverly Hills Sheikh Zayed unit selection.

A meter square could cost around 12,500 EGP, and a Duplex area could reach 283 square meters.

Beverly Hills Egypt Villa for sale

Villas in Beverly Hills

  Hence, there’s a wide villa selection, a square meter price varies sharply.

You can have a whole Palace or a standalone villa with its private pool. A meter square could cost from 11,555 EGP to 32,000 EGP according to the unit location and facilities.

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