Villa 9 Years Installment 330,000 Down Payment من هايد بارك
6,600,000 EGP
Delivery date:
prop-type  Villa
prop-type  247 m
prop-type  3 غرف نوم
prop-type  3 الحمامات
6,600,000 EGP
القسط الشهري
0 m
247 m
Kitchen Appliances اجهزه مطبخ

Villa 9 Years Installment 330,000 Down Payment in Hyde Park

10% down payment

3 Years Delivery


located in the most thriving location in New Cairo, overlooking, both, Road 90 and the New Ring Road. AUC

At Hyde Park Developments we do more than just promoting better urban design

Hyde Park residences are more than just concrete structures; they are a true manifestation of their homeowners. Inside each apartment and villa is a blank white canvas that can only be filled by you. It is an opportunity to create a home that truly reflects your soul

Hyde Park has made its home across 6 million square meters in the heart of vibrant New Cairo, flaunting not just its size of acreage, but rather the quality of spaces, designs, landscape, and facilities.

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6,600,000 EGP تقسيط