Lowest Price Town Corner in The Brooks New Cairo over 9 years من PRE للتطوير العقاري
5,450,000 EGP
Delivery date: 2025-01-01
Under Construction
prop-type  Townhouse Corner
prop-type  191 m
prop-type  3 غرف نوم
prop-type  3 الحمامات
5,450,000 EGP
545,000 EGP
القسط الشهري
0 m
191 m
Semi finished نصف تشطيب
Maid room غرفة مربية

The Brooks Compound in New Cairo by PRE -158 acres -Masterplan by YBA (Yasser el Beltagy) -Divided into several zones (Access Controlled) -Every zone has commercial area and community center for activities and daily needs. -5km Mountain bike tracks connecting the project -The project has many lakes;however, it is more about combining elements to give a feeling of living in nature. -85% open spaces -Project has 12 acre club PRE History : Stone Park Stone Residence

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5,450,000 EGP تقسيط
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