Ground floor with garden to sale with furniture من إعمار
4,300,000 EGP
Delivery date:
prop-type  Chalet
prop-type  120 m
prop-type  3 غرف نوم
prop-type  2 الحمامات
4,300,000 EGP
القسط الشهري
0 m
120 m

In front of the club house

Very close to the lake

ground floor

Buildings 120 + 90 gardens

Two bed rooms + reception

2 bathrooms + washing machine room

Open kitchen

Furnished with air-conditioned

4,300,000 is required

Overlooking the charming turquoise waters and ideally located along the coast of Alamein, Marassi has an enigmatic community with neighborhoods inspired by six different Mediterranean styles including Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Greece, Spain and Italy. 125 kilometers from Alexandria chanting and a few kilometers from El Alamein, anchors are the next gateway to Egypt, where invitations from all over the world are sent across the Mediterranean. Dipping beyond its beaches with its luxurious residences and 3000 hotel keys, creating a lifestyle of ultimate pleasure for every holiday student.

Enjoy an endless luxury that extends from the picturesque beaches of Marassi to its luxurious homes and hotel rooms that number up to 3000 drowning, which makes Marassi a magical destination

Marassi is distinguished by its dazzling views of the clear Mediterranean waters and its distinguished location on the beach of El Alamein, it constitutes a charming tourist community, which includes inspiring residential neighborhoods from six different styles of life from the different Mediterranean civilizations, each of which is characterized by a unique architectural identity, which includes: Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Greece Spain and Italy. Marassi is located 125 kilometers from the lively and active city of Alexandria, and at a distance of no more than a few kilometers from El Alamein. Marassi will in the future become the main entrance to Egypt through the Mediterranean Sea, and its international reputation sends invitations to tourism all over the world.


قراءة المزيد

في مراسي من إعمار

4,300,000 EGP تقسيط